Why Does My Poodle Have Bad Breath? Get The Facts!

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You have a wonderful little poodle that you adore and treat the best way possible. You love everything about your innocent little dog except one little thing that’s bothering you as well as other people around you: bad breath.

Bad breath is a very common problem that a lot of dog owners face.

So why does my poodle have bad breath? One of the main reason why your poodle might have bad breath is because of the plaque that builds up over time on his teeth. It’s necessary to remove all plaque from their teeth by brushing and flossing. However, it’s important to know that even poodles with clean teeth can have other conditions such as disease or illness which can relate to bad breath.

You should continue reading if you want to learn more about what’s causing your poodle to have bad breath and what you can start today to fix the issue.

Things You Can Start Doing Today to Help Stop Your Poodle’s Bad Breath?

  • First thing you can do is get your poodle’s teeth checked out by a vet so that you can get the plaque remove.
  • You can take the time out to brush your poodle’s teeth by simply using a dog-friendly brushes and paste.
  • You should also check if there is any disease and cure them.
  • You should practice to only give your poodle dog specific food and clean up their diet.
  • If the bad breath persist after doing the methods above, you should let your vet check for diseases such as kidney, diabetes, liver and lung disease.

Why Does My Poodle Have Bad Breath

Why Does My Poodle Have Bad Breath

Most people people don’t expect to see such a cute dog with smelly breath. It’s kind of like seeing a baby that we all know are adorable, but when you hold them you notice that they need changing. But it doesn’t matter if its dogs, etc, all pets experience bad breath from time to time.

Whenever you experience this with your pet, you don’t have to worry too much, since it is not something you have to constantly worry about. Here are some of the most common reasons why your poodle’s breath smells so bad:

Your Poodle Might Be Facing Dental Issues

One thing for sure is that dental issues is usually the main culprit when it comes to smelly breath with dogs and should definitely be your first concern when you notice this problem. These are normally the main dental issues your dog may have and here is how to cure them:

Gum Disease

Gum disease is another reason why your poodle’s might be facing chronic bad breath. With that said, if your poodle is experience bad breath even after brushing their teeth daily, then you may have a bigger problem than you think.

Gum disease is usually caused by excessive plaque, and if it is not treated, it tends to develop into a yellow tar-like substance against the gums of your poodle. You should get your poodle gum disease treated by a vet before it turns into a more serious infection.

Plaque Issues

Over a period of time your poodle may develop a layer of plaque over its teeth. Plaque is something that is always present in the mouth and if you don’t take the time out to brush your poodle’s teeth on a regular basis, the substance will starts to build up and leave a thin layer over healthy teeth. This is something you want to avoid from happen which is why you need to brush your poodle’s teeth often since they can’t do it on their own.

Removing plaque from your poodle teeth can be a very scary process as vet’s tends to use a vibrating tool that spray out water and in order for this to happen your pet may be given a mild sedative or even anesthesia.

Once all the plaque is completely gone you can also say bye to all bad breath as well. Plaque is known to be very dangerous as it tends to eat out your poodle’s enamel, which causes decay to your gums and teeth and lead to painful infections so you should get it treated as soon as possible.


You should know that between 3 to 6 months, your poodle may experience teething, which will eventually cause your puppy’s breath to smell really bad. For this part, there isn’t much you can do than simply create strong habits for your poodle, including brushing their teeth daily and using canine mouth wash.

Teeth Are Not Properly Cleaned

You should eliminate bad breath and plaque by simply brushing your poodle’s teeth on a regular basis. It’s best to use a canine specific toothbrush and a pet friendly toothpaste and the best part is that these are normally flavored so your poodle won’t mind. Apart from that you can also give your poodles dental chews. You can check Amazon to see the chews I recommend giving them here.

Your Poodle Might Be Facing Dietary Issues

If you practice to keep your poodle’s teeth and gum healthy, but bad breath still persists, then your poodle maybe experiencing dietary problems.

Same as humans, a pet’s breath can change over time base on what they have consumed. Here is a short checklist of things you need to be aware of when it comes to what your poodles are eating:

  1. You should mostly feed your poodles with canine specific foods you get from your local pet store.
  2. You should definitely avoid giving your poodles left over dinners. Your food should not be given to your poodles, especially if it’s consists of garlic and onions rich dishes which are known to cause bad breaths.
  3. Only give your poodles dog-friendly treats.
  4. Prevent your poodle’s from eating vomit or poops.
  5. At times you can give your poodles a probiotic supplement which will help in maintaining a healthy gut. We highly recommend that you try Zesty Paws since it is a great option.

Also, if you notice any other symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting, then your poodle might have an intestinal disease or other health related issues that maybe triggering his digestive tract. This is something that your vet should take a close look at before it gets any worst.

Poodle Having Bad Breath From Eating Poop

As a dog owner you might be wondering the reason behind your dog bad breathe and why all of a sudden it starts to smell like poop. Well, there are two reasons for this, it can be that your dog is eating its own feces or that of another pet.

Disease and Illnesses Could Be the Reason For Bad Breath in Poodles

The worst thing that could happen is that your poodle might have a serious disease that you need to get checked out immediately. If your poodle is young and considered healthy, then you should consider the methods above and treat them before you assume there is a more serious problem.

However, if you have an older poodle or one that is experience many unusual symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, excessive urination, weight loss, etc. If that’s the case you should get your dog checked out at the vet for the following diseases:

  • Kidney disease: It’s very common with toy poodles and usually causes your poodle breath to smell like urine. Signs and symptoms that follows with this include depression, weight loss, constipation, vomiting, inactivity.
  • Diabetes: this maybe the cause for your older poodle’s bad breath, which often smells like acetone. Not only older poodles but it’s also possible in juvenile poodles, so what you can do is check for signs such as weight loss or gain, increase urination, and change in appetite.
  • Liver disease: with this you’ll notice an almost sweet fecal smell. Symptoms with this include vomiting, diarrhea, awkward walking, irregular urination, or yellowish eyes.
  • Lungs disease and other respiratory problems: this usually cause inflammation in the throat, nasal passages, and tonsil can cause bad breath in your poodles. Symptoms with these include coughing, gagging, wheezing and an inability to exercise actively.

You should not try and cure your poodle for none of the following diseases or illnesses above. If you do recognize any reoccurring symptoms that follows with the bad breath, you need to take your poodle to a vet or specialist for the correct treatment. The sooner you act to treat your poodle the better the chances of curing your poodle will be.

List Of Home Remedies You Can Try For Your Poodle’s Bad Breath

If it’s a case where your poodle is considered to be healthy and you brush their teeth on a regular basis and you are still noticing bad breath, there are a few home remedies you can try to help solve the problem.

  • What you can do is give your poodles healthy snacks as often as possible, including carrots and apple, which help to prevent the build up of plaque from taking place.
  • You should put some parsley to your poodle’s food.
  • Also, what you can do is practice to add coconut oil, which most dogs seems to enjoy, to your poodles food.
  • A simple method is to create a toothbrush in the comfort of your home by wrapping a clean piece of gauze around your finger and use a water-based baking soda to clean your poodle teeth.


There you go, bad breath is something that we all hate to smell, even though it’s pretty harmless. You should take the time out to check your poodle frequently to see if there is any unusual symptoms are signs that maybe causing bad breath to occur.


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