How to Clean Poodle Eyes? Everything You Need to Know!

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You should take the time of your day to check your poodle’s eyes to make sure that it is cleaned of any form of mucus or foreign matters. It’s relatively normal to find weird things on the inside corner of your dog eyes from time to time. You don’t have to worry since this can be easily remove by simply using a doggy eye wipes or cotton ball with warm water and gently wipe the affected area.

So, how to clean poodle eyes? One of the easiest way to get rid of any foreign matters is to use a canine eye wash, you can either use Eye Brite or Opticlear. These products also does a wonderful job at cleaning the eyes and help to treat irritations or infections.

What you can do is slightly raise the poodle’s head, open the lower lid and slowly drop the fluid into the eye. Once the solution is inside the eyes, you should use a dry cotton to dry up the moisture that runs down the eye corners.

Usually you’ll notice that white and light colored poodles, especially toys, have some type of stained hair under the eyes and this is normally causes by a discharge from the tear ducts. Apart from that, you can expect the discharge to make the hair an unsightly reddish brown, and when it is excessive what usually happen is that it leave a dark circle under the eyes.

Tear under your dog eyes can cause several different things to occur, these include allergy, heredity, infection of the tear ducts, improper diet or conjunctivitis. What we recommend doing is visit your veterinarian and they will be able to explain to you what is causing the tear and how to properly treat it.

You should pay close attention to the eyes and the hair under them as it is the best way to actually control the straining. If you want to save money what you can do is take the time out to remove the stained hair with clippers. After you have properly removed the stain, you can treat the affected area with a product called Erase Tear Stain Remover or Tear Stain Remover which will help to treat and prevent further staining. Try your best not to get these products in your dog eyes as it can cause damage.

If the problem is not solved after you’ve trimmed the area or use a tear stain remover, another method you can try is to blend the stains away with a canine cover creme, which can be purchased online or at your local store.

You should start by applying the product under the eyes, and gently rub it into the skin with your fingers until a natural look is achieved. As mentioned earlier, you should avoid using these products into your poodle’s eyes.

You should keep in mind that your poodle eyes are very sensitive, a simple irritation can lead to serious problems. This is why we strongly recommend checking your dogs eyes on a regular basis which will help you to point out dangerous conditions at an early stage. If your poodle have an irritation that doesn’t get better within 24 hours, you should visit or report the condition to your veterinarian immediately.

How to Clean Your Poodle Eye Stains With Chamomile Tea

How to Clean Poodle Eyes

Cleaning your poodle eyes with chamomile tea is super effective although you will not see any changes right away, but if done properly and at least twice daily, it will decrease the appearance of under-eye stain.

You can start by brewing some chamomile tea and give it some time to cool to at least room temperature. With this you have the option to use it more than once but you’re only allowed to store it in the fridge for around 8 hours after being brewed.

Before starting the process it is highly recommend that you try and get your poodle to a spot that is comfortable. Make sure there is light in that specific area so that you can see clearly and access your poodle eyes easily.

Once your poodle is comfortable and your lighting is good, you can proceed to soak a cloth into the chamomile tea and squeeze the excess liquid out to ensure that it is damped. Now take your time and gently wipe the stain away from the eyes for a few minutes. By doing so you should start to see some improvements as this will remove the build-up and residue around the eyes.

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How to Prevent Poodle Eye Stains With Wipes

There are lots of people who actually thinks that making chamomile tea and waiting for it to be cool can become a bit hassling at times especially for those in a hurry. The good news is that there are several wipes on the market that comes in very handy and is capable of getting the job. Once you’ve use the wipes you should dipose them after and the thing is that they have been formulated not to irritate your poodle eyes.

We highly recommend that you use the GHEART Eye Tear Stain Remover Wipes as it is considered to be all natural and contain chamomile and ale vera. Not only is these super effective, but they are also irritation free and contain hypoallergenic. The package contains 100 so you don’t have to worry about replacing these anytime soon.

You even have the option to use wipes by Earthbath as they also contain natural ingredients. The only downside with these is that they are not biodegradable which means that they can cause an negative impact on the environment.


There you go, we have mentioned all the steps you can take when it comes to cleaning your poodles eyes. It’s always a good idea to keep the affected area clean and trimmed, but the thing is that your dog having a little stain under his/her eyes is not something to be alarmed about as long as there is no medical issue behind the eye stain.

We hope you find this guide helpful!


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